We are in the field of Engineering for last 6 years and the disciplines we deal are:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

Power Engineering & Consultancy is a service oriented organization and provides total solution to your requirement of Engineering Design and Consultancy.

Our Team Members have proved outstanding performance in various Engineering Design,Drawing & Technological applications. We had been associated with MNCs to Small Scale industries for various projects and executed all with a great team spirit.
Confidentiality is the essence agreement among all our Customers. That is the code of conduct for our Organization and we follow that very religiously which led us to keep faith of our customer with us for years.

Our Core Strengths:
Our Team has PTR for timely execution of projects and with our innovative solutions and practice of providing optimized solutions to customer as surprise package.
We have always provided “ OUT OF BOX” Solutions to the critical problems while being innovative and flexible with our technical and non-technical expertise.
Cost Effectiveness:
We believe that improved technology can always lead to cost saving. We always adopt the upgraded technology in our working for technical and non-technical affairs.

Highlights of few projects (Team Achievements):

  • 765/400kV SWYD at Bilaspur, Wardha, Gwalior, Indore
  • 220/66kV Swithcyards for GETCO
  • 132/33kV Switchyards for KPTCL
  • 220/66kV switchayrd for TOYO
  • 400/220kV switchyards for PGCIL at Vapi, Boisar, Kota, Narendra etc.
  • Also working on some extension projects for PGCIL


  • 220kV switchyard for APTRANSCO
  • More than 15 Nos. of 220/66kV switchyard at SYRIA
  • 4 Nos. of 132/33kV Switchayrds at Ethiopia
  • 400/220kV Switchyard for ADANI at Mundra
  • System study for Industries Jobs
  • Power System Analysis for Various Projects


Major Detailed Design Drawings Developed and Engineering documents generated are as under for several Power system projects:

  • Design Criteria
  • Electrical Power System Study and analysis
  • Switchyard Plan & Section layout
  • Switchyard’s Single line diagrams
  • Switchyard erection key diagram – Plan & Section layouts
  • Switchayrd structure layouts
  • Switchayrd Clearance Check Diagram
  • Switchayrd illumination layout
  • Switchyard DSLP calculation & DSLP layouts
  • Earthmat design & layout
  • Switchyard foundation layouts (as per Civil Inputs)
  • Switchyard cable trench layouts & its Sections
  • Power & Control Cable Schedule & Cable Sizing
  • Single line diagram of ACDB, DCDB etc
  • Al tube cutting schedules
  • LV System Design and Power flow Diagram
  • LT/HT Panel Drawing Reviews
  • ACSR & AL tube estimations
  • Clamps & connectors quantity estimation
  • String hardware selection & estimation
  • Cable trench designing & estimation
  • Cable Schedule
  • Shield wire estimation
  • Earthmat & risers calculation
  • Panel arrangement in control room
  • Motor Sizing Calculation
  • Transformer Sizing Calculation
  • Battery and Charger Sizing Calculation
  • Relay Setting Calculation
  • All Vendors’ Drawings Review

Major Power system studies carried out for several Power system projects

  • Load flow study
  • Short Circuit Study
  • Motor acceleration Study


  • Insulation Coordination Study
  • Power system stability study
  • Transient stability study
  • Reactive Power management
  • Filter Analysis (Active and Passive)
  • FACTS and HVDC Simulation studies
  • SVC requirement and its effective utilization in system