Legal Practical Training With Advisory Firm


  • We provide the expertise Legal Advice and customer satisfaction in minimum cost      

ACS provides Best Legal Practical Trainings & opportunity to run their own business.

  • Expertise Legal Trainings
  • Client dealings
  • New Business opportunities
  • Advance methods
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LLB/LLM degree provides theoretical understanding of the law, but we provide practical legal training to all law graduates with the requisite knowledge and skills to perform the day-to-day tasks as legal practitioner.


Practical Legal Training (PLT)  is a structured training program designed to help Law graduates to develop the practical knowledge, expertise skills which required for entry-level lawyer.

Completion of a PLT program is the second essential step to being admitted as a lawyer – the first being your law degree.

We also provide Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen techniques for solving client problems with minimum time. Lean Six Sigmais used for customer satisfaction.

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After completing your PLT, you can start your business as perACSguidance.




Compulsory subjects

  1. Criminal Law Practice
  2. Family Law Practice
  3. Consumer Law Practice
  4. Banking and Finance Practice
  5. Civil Litigation Practice  & Property Law


Electives (choose two)


  1. Administrative Law Practice
  2. Commercial and Corporate Practice
  3. Lawyer’s Skills
  4. Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  5. Employment and Industrial Law Practice
  6. Planning and Environmental Law Practice
  7. Wills and Estates Practice


& Motivational training  Lean Sixsigma,Kaizen For Lawyers etc many more…..



5 reasons to choose ACS.

  1. You’ll be more ‘practice-ready’

Our ACS Practical Legal Training program emphasis upon task-based, hands-on learning. It’s also the only program that offers a Legal Business Skills Series – equipping you with vital workplace skills such as time management, leadership and communication.   Also help law graduates to give expertise advices to clients.

  1. It depends upon you how and when you have to learn.

We provide classroom training as well as online training both as per your convenience.

  1. You’ll be more attractive to clients!

By ACS Legal Training programme, Lawyer can solve client problems by using advanced lean six sigma, kaizen method. So that U can make more clients in short time.

  1. You’ll get more support and guidance from ACS

With one-to-one lecturer support, pre-submission feedback and comprehensive Practice Papers to take into the workplace, our goal is to help you succeed the moment you enter the professional workforce. After  ACS Practical Legal Training program ACS gives advice for solving client issue. Lawyer can start your business through ACS.

  1. You’ll enjoy benefits to last a lifetime

After  ACS Practical Legal Training program,we  gives advice for solving client issue. Lawyer can start business through ACS.

ACS  will guide  for making more clients and solving client issue up to six month.

All Practical Legal Training subjects are assessed orally via video conference.

We believe that oral assessments & classroom training are the best way to determine your understanding of the content and your ability to analyse and solve a problem.


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