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Distribution & Power Transformers

Winding Resistance test, Ratio test, Separate source withstand test, Induced EMF test, No load test, Load test, Insulation resistance test ,Magnetic balance test ,SFRA test ,TAN DELTA test, Oil BDV &PPM test etc. & many more as per IS 2026 & IEC 60076 norms.

Current Transformers & Potential Transformers

Accuracy Test, Turns Ratio Error Test, Knee Point Voltage Test, Over Voltage Interturn Test, Composite Error Test, High Power Frequency Dry Test, ISF Test etc & many more as Per IS 2705 & IEC 60044.

Miniature Circuit Breaker, Moulded Circuit Breaker, ACB, MOCB, VCB RCCB

Tripping& None Tripping Test, High Voltage Test,Resistance Test, mechanical operation test etc and many more as per there relevant IS & IEC norms.

HT & LT Panels, Distribution Box, Isolators, Lightening Arrester ,Air Break Switches, Switch Fuse Unit, Rewirable HRC Fuses & starter

High Voltage Test, Resistance measurement Test etc & many more as per there relevant IS & IEC norms.

Protective Relay Testing as per IS & IEC standards.

All types of Relay like ABB, Siemens, Areva, Reyrolle, GE-Multilink, SEGC, etc. These relays are electromagnetic, Numerical or Microprocessor based.


  • All Outdoor & Indoor Electrical Equipments
  • EHV Underground Cable laying work up to 400 KV
  • Switchyard and Substation Construction work up to 400 KV.
  • Construction of transmission ,distribution lines up to 220 KV
  • All LT Cables and HT Cables heat shrink and cold shrink termination, jointing.
  • All LV & HV Panel Installation services.
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Design Calculation of Electrical Equipments which is required for faulty Electrical power system.

  • Electrical Design Engineering system (Concept of EPC projects)
  • Power Tranformer Design as per rating for comparing design values.
  • Selection and Sizing of Electrical Equipments, Vendor data review of Electrical equipment design
  • Hazardous Area Classification and Selection of Equipments
  • Coordination with other disciplines like Process, Civil, Piping, HVAC etc
  • Procurement requirements & Installation standards for Electrical Design
  • Inspection of Equipments/system for electrical design
  • We have Electrical design softwares knowledge like ETAP, DIALux, PhotoLux, CGlux
  • Illumination Design & layout
  • Sub-Station design & layout
  • Control Schematics
  • Development of Single Line Diagrams
  • Estimation of Plant Electrical Load
  • System Studies and Calculation
  • Transformer sizing & selection
  • DG sizing & selection
  • UPS & Battery sizing & selection
  • Cable Selection and Sizing
  • Cable Routing layout
  • Cable schedule, Drum Schedule, Tube schedule
  • Earthing & Lightening Protection Design & layout
  • Electrical Equipment/System Specification
  • Preparation of Bill of quantity